Andra Asars
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Sitting next to a fabric tear in the back seat of my father's aqua '57 Chevy is one of my earliest memories. I still love to ride in cars, but now I do it from the driver's seat. This is a very good thing since, as a sales representative, I log over thirty thousand miles annually traveling the six New England states.

In my younger days I had a promising engineering career. I spent my time in nuclear power plants. It was there I met a fellow engineer with dreams of his art and independence. He badgered me into following my own passion: knitting. I took the plunge into yarn with the disbelief of my family and the unlimited encouragement of my local yarn shop owners. Suffice it to say, I traded atoms for string; really great string. I have not looked back; it's been over 16 years.

When I'm not driving or showing new yarns or supporting my customers as best I can, I knit, drink gallons of soy chai lattes, try to smile when the days are rough, and always keep an emergency supply of dark chocolate in my handbag.

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