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Mixed Fiber Cowl/Capelet

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Art Class - Mixed Fiber Cowl/Capelet 1.0
Art class for knitters involves combining different colors, textures and stitches of yarns in a pleasing combination. Random striping can be difficult for some, (me, too!) so with this pattern I chose to knit Quaker Rib stitch and striped each yarn in rotating order. Each and every cowl can be original. The fun is in the knitting!

The Size:
Finished Measurements (after light blocking):
Circumference: Top edge 31" Bottom edge 54"
Height 13"

The Materials:
(A) Borealis 5020, 1 skein
(B) Sundae 8731, 1 skein
(C) Peruvia Quick 9186, 1 skein
(D) Lustra 3107, 1 skein
(E) Sundae, 1 skein, 8737
US #13 circular needle, 29" or 24"

The Gauge:
9 sts/in over 4" (on average after light blocking)

The Knitting:
With color A, cast on 120 sts, join and place marker. All of the work will be purl 3 rounds, knit 3 rounds the entire length of the cowl. If you are able to stripe randomly, do so. If you need a stripe pattern that will appear random then follow my stripe sequence below.

When piece measures 10" from cast on edge (slightly stretched), begin yoke shaping as follows while keeping in knit/purl pattern and stripes.
Decrease Round 1: *work 2 tog, work 10* repeat *to* to end.
Work in original pattern for three more rounds.
Decrease Round 2: *work 2 tog, work 9* repeat *to* to end.
Work in original pattern for three more rounds.
Decrease Round 3: *work 2 tog, work 8* repeat *to* to end.
Work in original pattern for three more rounds.
Continue in this manner decreasing until 70 stitches remain.
I continued without decreasing in the stripe pattern until I purled three rounds in color A. Then bound off in purl. It's your choice when to stop but I suggest it's after completing three rounds of purl.
Block lightly. Save the extras for your next Art Class knit.

The Stripe Pattern:
A: 4 rounds, B: 3 rounds, C: 2 rounds, D: 1 round
E: 4 rounds, A: 3 rounds, B: 2 rounds, C: 1 round
D: 4 rounds, E: 3 rounds, A: 2 rounds, B: 1 round
C: 4 rounds, D: 3 rounds, E: 2 rounds, A: 1 round
B: 4 rounds, C: 3 rounds, D: 2 rounds, E: 1 round

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